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  • Automotive SPICE®️ is our expertise. Customer Service is our Core.

About Us:

  • ZooKoo Consulting was founded in 2014 by Sunil Kumar, who has extensive experience in Process Improvement with German Automotive car manufactures and their suppliers word wide.
  • ZooKoo Consulting provides support for process improvement with Automotive SPICE, CMMI and Functional safety and specialise in integrating different models in organizational processes.
  • ZooKoo Consulting has worldwide experience and has experts from different countries, who provide various services based on portfolios.
  • ZooKoo Consulting work with its partners, who are expert in their field and provide integrated and complete solution to you in process improvement and functional safety.


Prof. Dr.Bernd Hindel

Sunil Kumar – CEO & Principal Consultant

  • Sunil Kumar studied Electronics & Communication Engineering at the Institution of Engineering in Calcutta, India. He also holds a Postgraduate Degree in Business Management from the University of Jammu in India.
  • Sunil Kumar is an intacs Certified Principal Assessor for Automotive SPICE & ISO/IEC 15504 and an intacs Certified Instructor for the Automotive SPICE & ISO/IEC 15504 Competent & Provisional Assessor course.
  • He conducted 150+ formal assessments and trained more than 200 provisional and competent assessors worldwide.
  • Sunil Kumar has been professionally involved in all aspects of process improvement (consulting, training and assessments) since 1997. He is expert in process models such as Automotive SPICE®, CMMI and ISO 26262. After having worked in Europe, USA, Japan and China for 15 years, particularly in the automotive industry, Sunil Kumar founded ZooKoo Consulting Pvt. Ltd. in 2014.
  • Sunil Kumar is intacs representative for India, China, Japan and Korea and also a member of the intacs “Standard Course Materials” working group where he contributes to the improvement of training documentation. He is nominated as “Advisor” to Korean SPICE Network during 3rd Korean SPICE Network seminar conducted in Jeju, South Korea.
  • Sunil Kumar has co-authored Automotive SPICE guidebook, which was later translated to Japanese and published by NikkiBP in Japan. He was core person, who established Nippon SPICE Network in Japan, which is the platform for Japanese members to share their experience. He provided several keynote presentation in Japan, China and Korea in Automotive SPICE conferences and organized Nippon SPICE Network meeting in Japan and Gate4SPICE meeting in China

  • Sunil Kumar在印度加尔各答工程学院攻读电子通讯工程,同时也拥有印度贾姆穆大学商管硕士。
  • Sunil Kumar是intacs(整体战术通信系统)认证的Automotive SPICE & ISO/IEC 15504主任审核员,同时也是intacs认证的Automotive SPICE & ISO/IEC 15504助理审核员训练课程培训师。
  • 他主持超过150场评估经验,并且全世界培训超过200位的助理审核员。
  • 从1997年开始Sunil Kumar一直参与历程改善的各个环节,举凡咨询、训练、评估。他专精Automotive SPICE®, CMMI and ISO 26262等历程模式,在欧美、日本、中国工作(以汽车业最主)超过15年后,在2014年他创立ZooKoo私人顾问有限公司。
  • Sunil Kumar是中国、日本、韩国的intacs代表,也是intacs“标准流程材料”工作团队的成员之一,负责培训文书的改善。在济州举办的第三届的SPICE网络研讨会中,他更被提名当韩国的顾问。
  • Sunil Kumar 是 Automotive SPICE指南的作者之一,该书后来被NikkiBP翻成日文出版。他创立日本SPICE资讯平台,让日本的会员可以互相分享经验。他也在日本、中国、美国的Automotive SPICE会议中做主题式演讲,并且筹办日本SPICE网会议及中国 Gate4SPICE会议。

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