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Training your members and guiding their development can actually help you to transform your organization into a better place to work. Trainings always have specific goals for improving capability, productivity and performance of project members in order to help them stand apart from the crowd. It is the prime opportunity to expand knowledge base of any employee as training is the sole enabler of any future SME. You may find training period much different from your regular work time and may also find trainings to be expensive sometimes. 
But despite of all these drawbacks there are numerous benefits you'll get from trainings and the investment put across always turns out to be fruitful by all means. Employees' performance are improved due to the knowledge set acquired. It not only increases the productivity and adherence to quality standards but also helps attaining high Moral of members. Trainings are not only helpful for new members but also for the experienced members.

Courses :

Status Date Courses Location Language
Planned 2020-03-30 ~ 04-01

Automotive SPICE Internal Assessor

Bangalore, India EN Register
Planned 2020-03-30 ~ 04-03

intacs Certified Provisional Assessor (Automotive SPICE v3.1)

Bangalore, India EN Register

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