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Automotive SPICE - History

Automotive SPICE® stands for Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination.

It was released as a technical report of an ISO-Norm (ISO TR 15504) in 1998 which is also known as SPICE.

Automotive Special® interest group (SIG) released and published the automotive domain specific "Automotive SPICE® Process Assessment Model" and "Automotive SPICE® Process Reference Model" derived from the ISO/ IEC 15504 international standard for process assessment in the year 2005.

ISO/IEC 15504 is now obsolete and has been superseded by: ISO/IEC 330xx as of March 2015.

Till 2015 there were 2 separate documents for Automotive SPICE® and those were "Automotive SPICE® process assessment model" and "Automotive SPICE® process reference model". In July 2015, the Automotive SPICE® process reference and assessment model version 3.0 was released in a combined document and then in November 2017 version 3.1 was released with few minor updates.

Automotive SPICE® - What it is ?

Automotive SPICE® is an established framework which was primarily developed for the assessment of software development processes in the automotive industry, With time it got extended for system also.

The Automotive SPICE® process assessment model (PAM) is intended for use when performing conformant assessments of the process capability on the development of embedded automotive systems/ software's. It was developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 33004.

Not only it helps in the assessment of processes, but also in the improvement of processes. Automotive SPICE® has the base practices for each process required to develop software and system which are derived from the best practices followed in the automotive industry.

There are 3 main process category given in Automotive SPICE
  • 1. Primary Lifecycle Processes
  • a) Acquisition process group
  • b) Supply process group
  • c) System engineering process group
  • d) Software engineering process group
  • 2. Supporting Lifecycle Processes
  • a) Supporting process group
  • 3. Organizational Lifecycle Processes
  • a) Management process group
  • b) Process improvement process group
  • c) Reuse process group
ASPICE Process

This Automotive SPICE process assessment model contains a set of indicators to be considered when interpreting the intent of the Automotive SPICE process reference model. These indicators may also be used when implementing a process improvement program subsequent to an assessment.

Process assessment model relationship

Process assessment model relationship

Automotive SPICE - How it helps ?

Develop and Defining Processes

Gap analysis and Process improvement

Increase in the quality standard of the product and processes

Dealing with the increase in the complexity of software and system

Automotive SPICE and Process Improvement

Process improvement is a concept of continues growth, which does not depend only on good process definition but also the implementation of these processes by responsible teams. ZooKoo helps you not only in the establishment of the processes but also supports you in the implementation of these processes on ground to get the maximum benefit.

The automotive industry has set a specific standard with the introduction of the Automotive SPICE, ZooKoo helps you to identify and fill up the gaps and weaknesses of the processes used in the development of software and system.

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Our Business

Automotive SPICE® is the model, which is implemented by Car manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide. We in ZooKoo are committed to support you with complete solutions to achieve your objectives. Automotive SPICE® is base for effective implementation of Functional Safety standard ISO 26262. We as global expert with experience in Japan, Europe, USA, China and word wide accompany you in your journey start from gap analysis, consultancy, implementation, readiness check to final assessment.

We can support you with following services :-

Gap analyses

This is first hand check of your processes with reference to Automotive SPICE® model. In fact, here we focus the gap between “As-Is” vs. “To-Be”. This service is provided by your intacs™ certified assessors


As recognized experts provide you best guidance with practical examples in order to improve your processes and your day to day activities to develop system and software.

Process Definitions

We know, you are expert in development of your product and need to meet the customer deadlines. We are here to support you with our experts for defining your processes. Our experts with ample experience will first understand your working, and then will support you in process definition. 


Here our certified assessor checks your preparedness for going to formal assessment. More focus is to find out gap with target capability levels.

Formal Assessments

intacs™ certified competent or Principal assessor conduct formal assessment and provide rating to all the processes within scope of assessment.

Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide

Automotive SPICE® V3.1

Grab a copy for yourself

Automotive SPICE® was first initiated for software development process, but now it has been extended to system development as well. It is one of the most renowned frameworks for the process assessment in the automotive industry across the globe. Automotive SPICE® also supports the development of safety relevant products as it supports ISO 26262 (functional Safety).
The objective of this pocket guide is to give a handy version of Automotive SPICE® V 3.1, which not only can be used in everyday situation, but also during assessment as well.

This pocket guide contain:

  • 1) VDA Scope Processes
  • 2) Additional Processes which are considered important
  • 3) Depiction of Process Capability Level & Rating
  • 4) Process Capability Level Indicators (Level 1-5)
  • 5) Example of Assessment Result
  • 6) Automotive SPICE® Key Concepts

  • This Pocket Guide is available in the spiral-bound hard copy. You can go ahead and order a copy for yourself or download the FREE soft copy by clicking below button.

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