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Customer feedback is crucial. It helps reduce the guesswork and optimize the customer journey. Feedback is not only about how our customer feel about us, it is also to let us know, how we can improve and help our customer in better way. We at ZooKoo Consulting welcome all feedback even if they are negative as those are the one which will help us in growing and improving ourself. Here are few feedbacks which we have received from our customers on the recent events and trainings that we have conducted

What our customer say about us?

 "Training was very objective and provided very good insight of the skills required to be a competent assessor. Practical experiences from the trainer was very much helpful in understanding the modules."
- Shree Archanadevi Narayanan Punniyakumar

 "The excellent keynote from Mr. Ranga depicted the conventional technology, suppliers disruption due to digital cars. The presentation from Mr.Sunil about the overlapping processes Q, FS, CS was too good and we got the bigger picture.The ”Why ASPICE is failing by Mr. Adrian with a storyline in conjunction with Ratatouille movie and final touch of RDD/MDD/TDD was top-notch. The “Implementation & Practice & ASPICE” by Mr.Meng Kem Tee, made usunderstand the practical use cases of ASPICE. Finally the 2 hands-on Workshops, were extraordinary experience. Overall, well planned & well executed. Thanks to the host ZooKoo Consulting, the distinguished Speakers & fellow participants."
- Muhammed Salim Amanullah, Technical Project Leader, Continental Automotive Penang, Malaysia

"This was my first time attending such an eventso I had no idea what to expect. I am so glad I signed up as it was well thought out, well structured, the content was extremely applicable, and the exercises so good allowing me to go through the assessment process. Great job to the ZooKoo team, seriously amazing!"

- Craig Hills, Engineering Process Leader, Veoneer Japan KK

"The event was very well structured. The content was very nicely organized. The workshops were very good and gave a possibility to connect to different contacts in the industry."
- V Reshma Bhat, Quality Assurance for NE3, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany

"My Sunil Kumar is highly experienced and able to use his extensive knowledge to clearly explain the content and answer any questions, ad especially link that to the appropriate official source so it is understandable & justifiable. I especially liked the pre-course assignments, and in-course activities which gave a great insight & practice into what is necessary to being a Competent Assessor. Thank you for the great training! "

- Craig Hills, Engineering Process Leader, Veoneer Japan KK

"Very good speakers who were sharing informative ASPICE knowledge and practices. Really helpful to me. Hand-on-hand workshop is also valuable. Let me could notonly learn by doing, but also learned and get acquaintance with experienced assessors."
- Caesar Po-chih Chang, Imaging Tek, Taiwan

"Agenda and content were very well organized. Very much informative and able to correlate to our organization expectation and our Customer. Group work also very good and team is very enthusiastic and well collaborated"
- Senthilkumar Narayanan, Automotive Steering Customer projects, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany

"The organization of the event was very good and well prepared for. Moreover the event gave the chance to the attendees to practice and share their understanding of the ASPICE and its application."
- Ahmed Abdeltawab, Principal Sys & SW Quality Engineer, VIAS EGYPT-Valeo InterBranch Automotive Software, Cairo

"Interesting and heterogeneous presentations, engaged workshops. Good to meet a large community of assessors worldwide –a plus for online, a big plus for organization"
- Floroiu Daniela

"Positive points are many but few of them I listed below :-
- Excellent training content to undersatnd the concept of ASPICE
- Skills required for conducting assessments.
- Lot of practical exercies to map process gaps to relevant BPs/GPs
- ISO 330XX series and co-relation with ASPICE model"
"It has been surely an interactive training session. Instructor's poritive attitude towards the queries helped trainees for getting detailed understanding. Practice questions have good coverage."
"The instructor is very experienced, explained Automotive SPICE very carefully, and answered questions comprehensively during the process. "
"Training was very informative. Trainer is very polite in handling all the trainees. Got good base understanding"
"On time. This training has a lot of good practices. And the trainer has a excellent knowledge and experience to explain/ instruct the trainee very well."
"Training contains good number of exercises.. That will help to relate theory and practical.."
"Good material and active communication Trainer has good experience"
"Very well organized event and was very informative with respect to the topics and the way the speakers had carried forward with their respective topics"
"Very well prepared, interesting topics addressed. Very good proportion between lecture and interactive topics. "
"We enjoyed learning with the real time examples shared during the session and also the group sessions has built in the confidence. "
"Very well handled event by Event Team along with choice of Speakers who gave very good information and not boastful like previous versions of India Gate for Spice Events where same speakers come and talk same topic no meaningful use of time."
"Very well Organized. Touched most of the relevant topics."
"Workshops were good! Post lunch sessions are usually challenging but these workshops engaged us very well. Good job!"
"The event was really wellorganized. Especially for the workshop, even it is conducted on online via Teams. But we can still have enough time for prepared and group discussion. Also the topic and the related material quite practical, which is benefit for the future assessment. "
"Good mix of theoretical framework-concepts & practical insights."
"Excellent session with lots of deep-diving information and very well-structured exercise sessions with other already established assessors, which has helped me understand points more clearly. I would really like to attend the session again to help improve my skill of assessment"
"Usefulto work out: I’m provisional assessor and I use the knowledge about ASPICe for internal Company goals but I don’t use to perform real audit to external company. So, for my intent, this type of workshops are very useful."
"Great topics and well prepared speakers. "
"The trainer had 100% knowledge of the subject. Very patient in answering the questions Very accommodating His speed was perfect Answered all the queries with examples "
"Patient and clear explanation to all theories in class and questions of exercises. Chinese language translation in slides is very helpful "


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