Introduction to Hardware SPICE

Course Code
HS 02
Course Name
Introduction to Hardware SPICE
1 day

The course offers an overview of Hardware SPICE. It also provides an understanding of the concept of Hardware SPICE. By the end of the course, you will get to know, how Hardware SPICE can be integrated with Automotive SPICE using a plug-in concept. The course is developed in such a way, so that relevant process engineers and project members will get to know the basics of Hardware SPICE best practices with the help of automotive industry-based examples. There will not be any exam after this course and certification for participation will be provided by ZooKoo Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


Overview of Hardware SPICE process assessment model

    Overview of Hardware SPICE

    Support, Management and Acquisition Process (Interpretation of Base Practice)

    Hardware Engineering Process

  • HWE.1 Hardware Requirements Analysis

  • HWE.2 Hardware Design

  • HWE.3 Verification against Hardware Design

  • HWE.4 Verification against Hardware Requirements

  • Bilateral Traceability of Requirements

    High level understanding of CL 1-3

  • Project Managers, Project Executives, Project Coordinators

  • Process group members/ Hardware Engineers

  • Project members who are involved in various system/ Hardware projects

  • Any member, who are interested to learn Hardware SPICE

  • It is better, Participants should have experience in Hardware Product Development (not mandatory)

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