Automotive SPICE® Internal Assessor

Course Code
AS 04
Course Name
Automotive SPICE® Internal Assessor
3 day

This training provides you to acquire the knowledge required to be an Automotive SPICE® Internal assessor. There will be numerous practical exercises and roles plays will be performed to understand the different technique to conduct assessment. This will allow you to improve processes, compliant with Automotive SPICE® and check the status of your processes to meet the requirement of Automotive SPICE® and prepare project to pass Automotive SPICE® Assessments. There will not be any exam after this course and certification for participation will be provided by ZooKoo Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


The seminar content are arranged to ensure to meets the requirement of Automotive SPICE® Internal Assessor

  • Overview of Automotive SPICE®

  • Motivation

  • Rating

  • Overview Assessment Process

  • Assessment Skills and Techniques

  • PAM Overview: Automotive SPICE®

  • Exercise - Role play/ written scenario for CL-1

  • PAM Details CL-2 & CL-3 Automotive SPICE®

  • Rating Guideline

  • Exercises - Role play/Script for CL 1 to CL 3

The course consist of various exercises and sharing experience exchange with participants.

  • Person who want to prepare company to achieve certain capability level with Automotive SPICE®

  • Process group members

  • Project management and quality members who are responsible for Automotive SPICE® compliance

  • Project members who are involved in projects, which need Automotive SPICE® Compliance

  • Any member, who are interested to learn Automotive SPICE®

  • Participants should have sufficient experience in System, software, project management and quality management experience.

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