Integrated Approach

Integrated approach can be the most fruitful approach for the process definition and implementation However because of the complexity and the requirement of each standard makes it little bit tricky to follow this approach. That is where ZooKoo steps in to support you with the integrated approach. ZooKoo has the experts, who has worked on different standards and supported the organization to achieve their objectives

Integrated Approach - What it is ?

Integrated approach is the collection of best practices from all the standards or framework as per the requirement of your organization or the project. The integrated approach can be comprised of Automotive SPICE, ISO 26262, Automotive Cybersecurity, Mechanical SPICE, Hardware SPICE, Agile SPICE, IATF 16949, and CMMI practices defined in these standards. To some extent, we can say that there is a need of collaboration of these standard to get the best quality product.

These all standards lets you know that "WHAT" and ZooKoo explains you the "How" of this "WHAT".

Automotive SPICE & Related Standards

Integrated Approach - How it helps?

  • It helps in getting the best out of each standard in automotive software/ system development
  • It helps in increase in the quality standard of your product with much less input
  • It helps in reduction of cost in development processes
  • It helps in reduction of the time required to develop the final product
  • It helps in quick and complete verification of the final product
  • As this is the combined approach of all the standard available, you can expect a delay in the implementation of this approach, however the final result will be so much satisfactory that will make you think "Why we did not go for this approach earlier"

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    We can support you with following services

    We with our experts and our partners support you in process integration

    Understandyour QMS (Quality Manual System) thoroughly Identify gap with reference to your selected one or more standards i.e., Automotive SPICE, ISO 26262, Automotive Cybersecurity, Mechanical SPICE, Hardware SPICE, Agile SPICE, IATF 16949, and CMMI

    Consulting/Coaching to synchronize the requirement of different standards/models into your QMS.

    Support development of QMS and its assets, which are compliant with your selected standards/models

    Performing Quality assurance activities on your QMS

    Conducting Joint audits by considering different standards/models

    Preparing for assessments for your selected standards/models

    Conducting and/or supporting for formal assessments

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